Hello all, this is Jocelyn. I'm 22 years old, and I come from tropical Malaysia. My love of reading was forced out of me by my doting mother, who used to bribe me with sweets and threaten me with the future of less TV unless I read at least a chapter of a book she got for me. All these actions were unsuccessful till one day 8-year-old me saw a copy of "Ferret in the Bedroom, Lizards in the Fridge" on the table with a note saying "Read this and I'll give you 10 dollars". And the rest, they say, is history (though I did not get my 10 dollars in the end).

Fast forward to the current person I am today, I am an avid reader, and nothing pleases more than the idea of snuggling into my comforter on the bed and read a good book till God knows when. However, I have a really horribly rotten habit of NOT FINISHING THEM. I would pick them up, read them, love them, fangirl about them, but for some weird and lame psychological reason leave the last couple of chapters UNREAD. Talk about an endless reading procastination. (I hypothesise that it's because I do not want to stumble upon an ending that ruins the whole book but I'm not my own therapist).

So this year, I wrote down "MUST FINISH A BOOK, if it's real good" as one of my main resolutions and I am DETERMINED to FULFILL IT *roar of determination*. I've thought of different ways to motivate me into doing that, and this blog is said way. I also signed up for Goodreads and plan to social-medialise (this should totally be a word) my reading experienc, in hopes that my ego would prevent me from dropping a book right before the ending. 

Going to what this blog is actually about, it's going to be me, the ultimate procastinating reader, reviewing books I've read, recommending them and maybe some other posts about books, but mainly REVIEWS because I would NEED TO FINISH READING A BOOK TO WRITE A REVIEW OF IT. And there you go. The whole purpose of "the Book howler". (notice how I capitalised the B because I just worship books)

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